The following is a review of the book entitled:  "Knowledge Management Tales - From San Francisco to Johannesburg" by June Fleming, Past City Manager of Palo Alto, California, Acting City Manager, Franklin, Virginia, and Past State of California Librarian:

“Gloria Young has developed an intriguing and successful book which weaves the whimsy usually found in talented storytellers with the academic skills required to present data in an authentic manner.  She has utilized her unique knowledge of government's need for forward thinking with the present day needs of her ancestral roots as typified in South Africa's Johannesburg. This is a tool for managing change and while doing so planning for succession.  The universal applicable message is strong and clear.  The material has been organized in an effective and easy to follow style which widens its audience’s appeal in reaching the public and private sectors.  The presentation of information is enhanced through the use of effective well designed diagrams.  The information on technique, style, philosophy, and knowledge management are but the tip of the iceberg of data presented in this effective management guide to organizational changes needed to maintain and institutionalize competitiveness and effectiveness.”          
JUNE FLEMING, Acting City Manager, Franklin, Virginia, and Past City Manager, Palo Alto, California


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